My name is Aleyna Roman, I am 13, and turning 14 on December. I am in the ninth grade (Section 9.4), and I go to Bronx Academy for Software Engineering. Our high school is located at 2474 Crotona Avenue, Bronx, NY 10458. In addition, our principal is hard-working at BASE, trying to keep our school healthy and trying their best to keep us safe. Our principal’s name is Ben Grossman. Also, our computer science teacher teaches us how to make websites, create our own blogs, and more. Our computer science teacher is Jon Mannion. Our school is all about students learning computer programming and getting internships in the tech community.

     Technology is important and it’s in our everyday lives. I am very interested in video games. When I become older, I want to be a gaming technician; which means I want to learn how to make video games. Therefore, I want to learn many things in computer science at BASE. So far, I’m really loving BASE. I met lovely students and teachers, and I can’t wait to be the class of 2018. I have been trying my best to be a cooperating student and role model to others to BASE. 

      Camp-Interactive is a step towards technology. It helps us understand technology better. I am looking forward to be part of camp-interactive. We have our own mentor to help us look forward to our future. It helps us get to know Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and etc. and these are part of social networks, which of course, we all use. 

PLE is making a personal learning environment. They want us to make our own personal goals, and communicating with other peers. To take control of our learning and to manage things on our own. PLN is making a personal learning network. PLN is the consist of interacting with other peers, and gaining knowledge from our peers. 



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