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SculptGL is a small sculpting application powered by JavaScript and WebGL.It’s a very simple tool letting you sculpt 3D models in the browser.

Heres an example of a scultpure in SculptGL.


It’s a really fun sculpting app, AND I LOVE IT!!


Block Busterz Game

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block busterz blocks Capture snip

Link to game:

BASE Holiday Lunch

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I loved this party and I enjoyed it so much. Spending time with friends and teachers, and eating food. The day before this party was my birthday, so it kinda felt like a present to me. We went ice skating on December 19, RIGHT BEFORE the holiday party. This picture is me, they actually took this pic off guard, so i didn’t know they took this. Ice skating was awesome, and i actually had lots of fun. This was my first time ice skating, so their was a lot of falling. The cake looked really nice. It said BASE, and it represented us, caring and getting along with each other.


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it’s hotttttt

Ry-Ry ThugChip's Adventures


I added a little variation to the set up so that it’ll work better for me. 🙂

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